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The best proof of a coach’s abilities is in the performance that a student achieves with them. In this section you will find detailed information on my students, so that you can see examples of the effect I have had since working with them.
I like to be transparent, so for each student you will see an innovative complete profile, designed to show you their progress, however great or small that might be. As well as statistics on their rating progress, there will also be content from the students themselves, so you can see some of their best games, latest tournament results and read their experiences on my coaching.
Hopefully, this will give you a good flavour of what to expect and you will like what you see!
GM Alexander IpatovTurkey Turkey2659-3.4
GM Eric HansenCanada Canada26140
GM Denis KadricBosnia Bosnia and Herzegovina25350.00
GM Milan ZajicSerbia Serbia25130
IM James AdairEngland England24780
IM Vladimir LukovicSerbia Serbia24440
IM Dejan Pavlovic Serbia Serbia24050
IM Fantinel ThibaultFrance France2401+7.8
IM Milos StankovicSerbia Serbia2395-11.1
FM Dejan MarjanovicBosnia Bosnia and Herzegovina2393-19.5
IM Dusan RadovanovicSerbia Serbia23370
IM Richard WangCanada Canada23370
FM Mladenovic StefanSerbia Serbia23240
FM Sohal Tanraj Canada Canada2319+15.4
WGM Jovana VojinovicSerbia Serbia2310-24.2
Rajkovic MladenSerbia Serbia2308+5.6
FM Mladen VrbanCroatia Croatia22950
FMRitvars ReimanisLatvia Latvia2294-8.4
FM David HaydonEngland England22940
FMDiwen ShiCanada Canada22930
WGM Zhou QiyuCanada Canada22870
FMMike Ivanov Canada Canada22860
FMNemanja ZivkovicSerbia Serbia22820
Goran UrosevicSerbia Serbia22670
Niedermeier ThomasGermany Germany22520
FM Nic CroadNew Zealand New Zealand22470
Nemanja Cvetkovic Serbia Serbia22430
Adam BremnerScotland Scotland22230
Segura SergioSpain Spain22200
Pastar SlavenBosnia Bosnia and Herzegovina22200
Lick PatrickGermany Germany22110
IM Ooi Zhi YangMalaysia Malaysia22030
Knox ChristopherCanada Canada21870
Testud PhilippeFrance France21850
Song, Ziyuan (Sam)
Canada Canada21820
Richter PaulUSA United States21710
Gaudeau ValentinFrance France2170+2.2
Sladjan Jovanovic Switzerland Switzerland2171+7.8
MacKinnon KeithCanada Canada21650
Kovacevic Radmila
Serbia Serbia21430
Manrique AugustinSpain Spain2140-1.4
Hans EmilGermany Germany21050
Munnel JonathanUSA United States21040
Herrich ChristophGermany Germany21040
Ghassan GehaniLibya Libya21020
Zhang DavidCanada Canada20940
Morin MathiasFrance France20910
Cayla JonathanFrance France20790
Belsley AlexandrePortugal Portugal20690
Trong Binh PhanVietnam Viet Nam

Brull Cortes BorisSpain Spain20490
Daniel CiaraGermany Germany20340
Waiss MichaelAustriaAustria20280
Khandar KaushalMalaysia Malaysia2014-10.8
Marques JosePortugal Portugal20090
Prieto ArmandoSpain Spain20000
Tschoepe NinoGermany Germany19780
Marko KosticSerbia Serbia19770
Baas LaurentFrance France19550
Spoerk Rainer AustriaAustria1948+11.4
Selina FischerSwitzerland Switzerland19100
Shahlaei MortezaIran Iran, Islamic Republic of18950
Brusilovski LenaIsrael Israel1889+10.6
Kagramanov DaliaCanada Canada18680
Bora YagizTurkey Turkey1843+8.2
Jeff WangCanada Canada18420
Prem PranavUSA United States1841+12
Nicolas RobichaudCanada Canada18060
Chevalier FrancoisCanada Canada17990
Zho AidenCanada Canada1791-14
Japelj DamjanSlovenia Slovenia17920
Wang JohnUSA United States17670
Frommelt ReneGermany Germany17650
Hansen ThomasDenmark Denmark17160
Owen Xuan USA United States17110
Ahmed ElbehiryEgypt 16660
Lenard GrossmannCanada Canada16480
Ashir ValjeeEngland England11210
3 comments on “Student’s Corner
  1. Gerd Sonntag says:

    great website!
    congrats to you, Mio, and Morty!

  2. Sergio Segura says:

    I can only say one thing, I had 2022 ELO, and after working with Mio, got 2195, playing few tournaments a year and growing steadily.

  3. Here’s to Mio, the best chess coach that ever lived!!!

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